Sea Glass and Beach Glass Goodness

On a trip to Northern California nearly a decade ago, I fell in love with Beach Glass. I just love it's smooth sanded texture that only appears after an eternity of being tumbled by the ocean's waves. Each piece is unique and one of a kind, just like each one of us. I have finally started to incorporate some of my collection into my jewelry. Here's a sample of what I made last night...

...beach glass necklaces with abalone shell charms...

See, fun jewelry for fun people! My Etsy shop is back open and I have a few items listed with more to come!

:) Ann


I have been hooked on Etsy for years and have enjoyed browsing, drooling over, and even purchasing some of the most beautiful handmade items in the world. It has been so convenient to be able to order items from not only the USA, but jewelry findings from Israel, alpaca fiber from South America, and crochet patterns from the UK.

...making button rings in my craftroom...

Recently, I took a little break from my store, but am happy to announce that I will be posting many new items in the near future. So make sure to add my shop to your favorites (the little heart button on the main store page) and you'll be able to see all of my wonderful creations!

Until then feel free to browse my Etsy favorites or my Pinterest boards. Man, there are some really cool, talented artists out there!

Love and joy,

:) Ann

Pinterest Addiction

Note to self: 

less time on pinterest 
more time in craft room creating

Like these button rings 
that are soooo fun 
and available in my Etsy shop.

...button rings...

"Crocheting for Calm" series - Crocheted Cat Blankets

Hello! This is the first post in my "Crocheting for Calm" series. I hope you enjoy!

To help myself relax in the evenings, I've been forcing myself to stop all work by a particular time and to purposefully sit and do something fun. This plus wanting to de-stash some of my yarn (gotta make room so I can buy more!) has me making little blankets with the intention of donating them to a local cat shelter. 

They work up in just an evening or two since they are only 20-22 inches square (a great size for a snuggly kitty waiting for a new home). Here are some of my first batch...

...blanket #1 with shell edging...

Blanket #1 I did in double crochet (US) with a varigated yarn. I finished it off with a single crochet border in blue, then a basic shell stitch (5 dc in one sc) in pink.

...blanket #2 with bobble border and blanket #3 closed ripple...

Blanket #2 is worked in a double crochet throughout. The border has one row of single crochet in pink, then a row of 5 single crochets and a bobble repeated around in blue, and finished with another row of single crochets in pink.

Blanket #3 is done in what is referred to as a "closed ripple" stitch. It's been a long time since I attempted a ripple and I like how quick this tiny blanket worked up. Once I got the rhythm of the stitch down, it was pretty easy. 

....blanket #4 crab stitch border...

Blanket #4 I did in half double crochets with a few bobble rows here and there, but the fun part was the "crab stitch" edging which is where you're basically single crocheting from left to right (backwards!). Just another fun technique that I learned from Donna Kooler's "Encyclopedia of Crochet" book. This was my first attempt at the crab stitch and her explanation was perfect.

Of course, as I was working on these, our kitties had to test them out. Fluffy Orange Cat preferred to lay on one and have another one on top of him. Now to wash them up and get them over to the shelter!

I have made several more and will post pics soon so check back often!

Also, check out my Etsy shop for some non-cat crochet accessories (women's necklaces, rings, etc.)!

Grace and peace,

:) Ann