How to create quick and easy background pages for art journals and mixed media projects - PART 2

Hello again. 
Here's a little addition to my last tutorial on creating quick and easy backgrounds (found HERE). All four of the pages above were created at the same time in about 45 minutes. 

For the following two pages, I started them as described in part 1, but then went a bit overboard with drops of very wet acrylic paint.

For this pink page, I began by covering my paper (which is Strathmore Mixed Media Visual Journal paper, 140 lb, vellum finish, 9x12") in the method described in the previous tutorial. This piece was first painted with orange and blue. Then I scraped on the pink with an old credit card. Next, I did the whole "spritz water and let set for a minute then pat dry" thing.

Then I added approximately 3 parts water to 1 part acrylic paint on my palette. I mixed it well with a paintbrush and then sopped up as much paint as the brush could hold. And then flick... I held the brush over my paper and tapped it with my index finger causing big blobby drops of wonderfulness to fall to the page.

Yummy! I'd recommend not moving your page if you want the paint drops to dry as is. If you want them to run down your page, well then simply tilt up your paper and let them run.

I seriously have a problem with the Folk Art paint colors Calypso Sky and Tangerine.

Here's another page I made using the exact same method.

See... my problem with orange and blue continues...

This one is splattered with "Brilliant Pink" paint. Oh the texture!

How easy and quick!!! I hope you enjoyed this. Now to decide what to put on these fun backgrounds...

Peace and Love,
:) Ann

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