Bible Journaling Psalm 121 and why I doodle in my Bible and supply list

Psalm 121
"I lift up my eyes to the hills..."

It was nice to force myself to sit and rest for a few minutes yesterday. I got out a few basic supplies (list below) and doodled a little flower wreath. After adding watercolor and colored pencil, I went to erase my pencil lines and smudged the colored pencil all over the page. Some of it did erase, but some didn't. I went ahead and did a messy outline in black pen. And it is the perfect picture of my life right now... messy, smudge marks, colors outside the lines. What can I do but lift up my eyes to the hills? Surely my Help will come. 

When I began Bible journaling, I inadvertently made a habit of "highlighting" the verse I was focusing on in watercolor with a heart over the verse or chapter number. A special little touch that makes this Bible unique and imperfect... just like me.

It's ok to doodle! And for those of you who may be new to this concept of creating art in your Bible and think it might be a sin or offensive to God to paint in His Word, please know that this is part of my time of worship and reflection on His Word using the gifts He has given me. It helps me remember the scriptures, but I do have 2 other Bibles that are for study and note taking. 

If you want to join the #biblejournaling community, it is simple...
1. grab a Bible or a notebook or scrap paper.
2. grab whatever art supplies you have in your room.
3. pray and meditate on a verse.
4. doodle and have fun!!!

Here are the basic supplies I used on this page. 

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1. Bible - Crossway ESV 2 column journaling Bible
4. Pen - Faber Castell Pitt Pen in S and XS  

Thank you for reading and remember to have fun!
God loves you,
:) Ann

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  1. Thank you Ann for sharing with us. We all are imperfect, which makes us all beautiful, like your happy flowers. Our heart knows He has our crazy lives in His hands.
    I love that you list your supplies...suoer helpful!